Your Challenge

Malicious bots constantly scan websites for vulnerabilities and crawlers steal your IP and compromise security.

Managing your own access list and keeping it current is a time consuming and often neglected task.

Cybercriminals routinely disguise malicious bots as genuinely useful bots, such as GoogleBot, making it difficult for you to identify them. Allowing these malicious bots on your site gives them an open invitation, but equally, blocking a legitimate bot can be a serious problem for your online business.

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Our Solution

VerifiedVisitors, patent pending, provides an automated API service that continuously verifies the authenticity of your access list.

We focus on verifying and protecting the legitimate bot services you want, using multi-factor authentication, not the thankless and never-ending task of trying to identify fake and malicious bots.

Once your VerifiedWatchList is active we can go ahead and block any unwanted and fake bots with confidence. Cybercriminals will no longer be given a free pass into your website, and you can ensure you never block a good bot again.


Our curated database contains hundreds of Bots from legitimate commercial Vendors, which we constantly verify and update.
Verified database

Key Features

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Automated Analysis

By analyzing your weblogs, the VerifiedVisitors system matches your web traffic to our database and tells you which bots are visiting your site and why. Our service updates automatically, so you never have to analyze the logs again.
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Multi-Factor Authentication

Our API performs multi-factor authentication, using our machine learning, on all bot visitors. We ensure that any bots added to your VerifiedWatchList are legitimate, known and constantly verified and updated.
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Easy Integration

VerifiedVisitors is delivered via our API, and integrates at the edge of the network, with your existing WAF and other security layers. We integrate with Content Distribution Networks and Firewalls, such as AWS CloudFront and Cloudflare.