Your Challenge

Today over 50% of all internet traffic is invalid traffic. How can you ensure that your legitimate visitors receive the priority they deserve and are intelligently managed, while stopping the malicious traffic?

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Our Solution

VerifiedVisitors AI/ML automatically learns to identify and manage your visitors at the network edge, before it hits your website. Our behavioural AI platform analyses thousands of factors to help prioritise and protect your web estate.


Our curated database contains hundreds of Bots from legitimate commercial Vendors, which we constantly verify and update.
Verified database

Key Features


Protect and Prioritise

We can help protect and prioritise all your visitors from one centrally managed AI/ML platform. VerifiedVisitors performs thousands of multi-factor checks on every visitor to learn from your traffic and protect your key services and API endpoints.

Optimise ROI

VerifiedVisitors uses intelligent agents at the network edge to analyse and block potential threats before they hit your website. Our AI/ML learns from your traffic to provide optimised services for legitimate customers and to increase ROI.

Easy Edge Integration

VerifiedVisitors integrates at the edge of the network, with your existing WAF, DDos and other security layers. We work seamlessly with Amazon AWS CloudFront and Cloudflare so you can optimise hundreds of websites and API endpoints centrally.