Your Challenge

Over 50% of all internet traffic is bot traffic. Some are bots you want like search crawlers from Google and Bing, but most are unwanted at best, and some are malicious. Bots also pretend to be “real’ visitors - distorting your lead generation pipeline, adding non-human leads which you can pay for, and waste valuable time clogging up the sales cycle.

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Our Solution

VerifiedVisitors is an AI platform for Visitor Management that helps eliminate risk from the bots you don’t want, while ensuring the customers most likely to purchase are verified and prioritised.

VerifiedVisitors’ innovative, patent pending, platform helps website owners, even those without prior AI experience, manage all their traffic at the network edge. Our behavioural analysis engine allows our customers to predict those users more likely to purchase, while blocking the fake and unwanted bot traffic from reaching your servers.


Our curated database contains hundreds of Bots from legitimate commercial Vendors, which we constantly verify and update.
Verified database

Key Features


Increase ROI

VerifiedVisitors AI platform automatically identifies visitors with a higher Propensity to Convert (P2C) and helps eliminate unwanted bot traffic. This can increase your ROI from each site visitor, streamline your sales pipeline and save on bandwidth and resource costs.

Blocking at the Edge

VerifiedVisitors performs multi-factor authentication, using our machine learning, on all visitor traffic. We ensure that any bots you haven’t authorised are blocked and help identify the potentially malicious bots at the network edge, before they hit your website.

Easy Integration

VerifiedVisitors integrates at the edge of the network, with your existing WAF, DDos and other security layers. We work seamlessly with Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and Firewalls, such as Amazon AWS CloudFront and Cloudflare without an install.