How does it work?

Our patent pending service reads your weblogs from the network and automatically performs multi-factor authentication on each bot, matches them to our database and shows you, by category, which bots have been visiting your site and why.

Once you have approved your bot access list (VerifiedWatchList), we ensure that only verified bots can visit your website and auto-generate blocking rules to stop the fake bots before they hit your website.

We give you the real-time insight using our machine learning for all your visitor traffic, so you can optimise your sites and sales pipeline for just the verified visitors you want.


Our customers benefit from automated protection at the edge of network from potentially bad bots, while prioritising the real customers most likely to convert.

Blocking the bots you don’t want, gives you a clearer picture of your visitors, and helps you to save on system resource and bandwidth. The service does not sit in line, and offers a low risk integration. We don’t slow your website down, and we don’t use a JavaScript fingerprint, or any in-site code.

VerifiedVisitors’ unique platform allows customers to optimise their websites and sales pipeline for just the verified visitors you actually want.