Yes, we can automatically defend against carding bot attacks on your payment gateway.

Yes, we can automatically defend against bot attacks on your login paths.

If you regularly maintain your own access list, you will already know that tracking agents by the agent string or IP address isn't effective or reliable as both can change without notice. We pro-actively check each and every bot agent, ensuring it is valid, and perform multi-factor authentication to verify each bot, **24/7**, updating our live definitions constantly so you don't have to.

Although well-behaved industry standard bots do respect robots.txt (or tell you when they won't), the cybercriminals certainly don't. As soon as you identify a bot agent and IP and disallow it, the bot will simply ignore your entry, or come back again with a new agent string and IP address. The robots.txt entry is going to be out-of-date as soon as it's written and this quickly becomes unmanageable. They may also use your robots.txt file as a guide to sensitive paths on your site.

We're a new Cybersecurity startup run by an experienced team who aim to provide innovative, yet simple solutions to age-old problems. Our mission is clear; We work hard every day to validate legitimate bots, to make the unmanageable, manageable and to free up your valuable time.

We operate at the network edge at the CDN/ DDoS layer before bot traffic hits your servers.

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